Back at it ⚽⚽⚽⚽ #10dog

Happy 2nd Birthday too my two amazing lil nephews, they growing up so fast! The little monsters 🎉💙🙏 #keepcalmforwhat

#WCW Has to be my girl…

My amazing twin nephews growing so quick almost 2 now :’) 💯💙

Lads I miss you, hope you’re all still working hard and chasing your dreams. Shouts to the first years that aren’t in the photo still doing there thing - ⚽ #linkupneeded #ctfcfamily


Let’s try do it in reverse 🙌👌 #keytomyemotions

Defo part of this generation lol got me down to a 🍵 the games f***** 💯

🙏 let’s go get it! I pray you all have a good day - Amen

Selfie level: SUPER SAIYAN 💯💥
The sun does this to me, didn’t you know I was an Instagram model? 😅

#throwback these fully were the days someone needs to get me back on that stage at Redfest this weekend! #dreams #tbt

Shouts to pits football today on there event! If you don’t know this is a new organisation that’s give the opportunity for players to get back into football pro/semi! The facilities are great at the coaches/staff are very inspiring 🙏💯⚽