🙏 let’s go get it! I pray you all have a good day - Amen

Selfie level: SUPER SAIYAN 💯💥
The sun does this to me, didn’t you know I was an Instagram model? 😅

#throwback these fully were the days someone needs to get me back on that stage at Redfest this weekend! #dreams #tbt

Shouts to pits football today on there event! If you don’t know this is a new organisation that’s give the opportunity for players to get back into football pro/semi! The facilities are great at the coaches/staff are very inspiring 🙏💯⚽

'😜' Spent the day with this lucky one 😘 I felt like a tourist in London today #countrykid

Go and watch the full video on my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/cecil.jee.thomas like and share :’) “Say Something” video from last week show! #reminiscing

Life’s not to shabby in the sun 🌝🌞🌕💯👌🙌 summer flow

I know you like chocolate 😏🍫😅 #tbt #KGsummerjam

But HYG 😏 It’s not everyday kick the ball around, sometimes dance/perform on stage ✊
#Italiacontireigate #Summershow

The thing I look most forward to on the weekend, the free quick fix costa with the mother, went all out today two dance shows and that 🙌☕💃#greatprep #costachamp #mother&sontime

This is me.
Got such an important month ahead of me, I pray all things go well and I see to live more dreams 🙌🙏🌍

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